About Us
Zebster is an Indian brand with extensive product categories in IT peripherals, sound systems, mobile and lifestyle accessories brand. Aimed at bringing more affordable, value for money products with impeccable style, design, and functionality. At Zebster, every product goes through different stages of testing to ensure durability and a quality product at the hands of every consumer along with the best after-sales service that you can rely on.

Value for Money
At Zebster, we aim at customer satisfaction with a wide range of products that every household can afford. Our products go through their standardized tests for quality, efficiency, and design before they head out. The company has a vast range of products that not only fit the budget but are known for their style, quality, and functionality factor putting together a value-for-money product that customers can rely on. 

Best Customer Support
Zebster is dedicated to making customer support a hassle free process with an extensive network of service centers across India. Our service staff is technically trained to handle all queries right from your purchase requirement to after sales service. We’re dedicated to making customer service our priority and offer a turbulent free experience for our customers.

Widest Network
Zebster has the widest network of dealers, resellers and integrators along with a good retail presence all across India. Our extensive product range reaches every nook and corner with our numerous  service centers that  contribute support to the consumers and channel network.